Humans with their activities
have degraded as much as a third of the world’s soils until this day. Mismanagement, enormous load and excessive application of fertilizers resulted in the reduction of soil environment quality and subsequent decline in soil fertility.
But what if we told you we have found a way to reverse this trend? And what if we went even further and prove to you that this problem doesn’t concern you anymore?
... that we can make sure that your soil becomes naturally more fertile and high production sustainable in the course of a few years?
What would your next question be?

By adding carbon, the presence of which has been scientifically proved to improve quality characteristics of soil. The effeco carbon-based soil substrate with an added natural nutrient is made with patented technology and optimized for various soil types.

effeco with its composition is a biochar substrate and a fertilizer at the same time - 100% natural, chemical free, environmentally friendly. It is produced by drying and pelletizing carbonised biomass and adding a natural nutrient ( manure ) and a specifically targeted natural separated solid.

The production of the effeco soil substrate is based on the recycling of biological elements ( biomass and a natural nutrient ), which makes the production process practically infinite and production unlimited in terms of capacity.

effeco is economically and ecologically effective. Additional costs will gradually show in improving the soil characteristics and the increase in crop production on treated soil. In addition, reclaimed soil can be considered a strategic investment in the protection of manufacturing resources.

The underlying idea behind the research and development of the effeco biochar substrate is the eco-effective care for soil.

The care that utilizes the never-ending cycle of restoration of natural resources to enhance soil fertility and quality and, at the same time, deals with the issue of bio-waste management.

This care meets the most stringent ecological criteria while being economically effective.

Key facts

Carbon applied to soil in an appropriate amount can substantially enhance the fertility of soil that we are reclaiming this way.

Carbon levels in fertile soils of standard quality average at 1.5%.

By applying 1-2 kg of the effeco biochar substrate to 1 m2 of soil, it is possible to double the carbon content in soil depending on the soil condition.

Scientific studies on the positive impact of applying biochar to soil

  • Soil characteristics and the overall soil quality improve (Laird, 2008), which is of enormous importance for next generations
  • Agegnehu et al. (2016) reported that biochar combined with fertilizer improved the yield of maize grains by 30% compared to the application of fertilizer without biochar
  • Biochar also positively affects the yield-forming parameters of arable crops. According to Solaiman et al. (2012), the application of biochar at the rate of 10 t ha-1 increased wheat seed germination from 93% to 98%
  • The results of Arthur et al. (2015) point to positive effects of applied biochar with liquid manure on the absorption of water vapours from the atmosphere and their retention in sandy loam soil
  • Studies of Adekayode & Olojugba (2010) and Agegnehu et al. (2015) indicated that the application of biochar combined with compost led to a statistically significant increase in chlorophyll content in maize leaves
  • Greater effects on yield-forming parameters and 30% higher yields resulting from biochar application are observed on sandy soils in tropical areas
We take part in the continued development and practical application of the effeco biochar substrate along with a scientific team of a Slovak university, authorities, local farmers and international partners.

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The standard offer of effeco biochar substrates includes basic variants suitable for application to standard soil types. These variants differ in the ratio of biochar, a natural nutrient or a third specifically targeted component in their content. Based on a soil analysis, we are able to supply you with the effeco substrate with unique parameters suitable for application to a specific soil type.